All courses except practicum & apprenticeship move to distance learning till June 24th.

All courses except practicum & apprenticeship are requested to move to distance learning till June 24th.
Date Guide
May 7th to 20th All courses except practicum & apprenticeship are requested to move to distance learning.
●  lecture:online learning
●  laboratory:online learning or adjust content of study
●  individual studies:flexible study measure (e.g. self-learning)
●  physical education:flexible study measure (e.g. self-learning)
●  seminar:online learning
May 21th to June 3rd
June 4th to June 24th
1.  Unified final exam arrangement of the Academic Affairs Office are cancelled. The final exam of each course is based on the principle of multiple flexible scoring methods, such as online simultaneous reports, hand in assignments, open book exams, online tests, etc. However, authorized instructors can conduct physical test or hybrid test (some physical and some online) during the original classroom hours under the condition of wearing masks and maintaining a safe social distance after discussing with students to reach a consensus.
Reference materials: (1) "Multiple Flexible Scoring Methods" of the Academic Affairs Office; (2) "Suggestions for the Implementation of Online Tests" by the Information Technology Office.
2.  If there are any adjustments to the course method and grading method, please make sure to announce information on Im@TMU.
3.  When teachers conduct distance teaching, please pay attention to and ensure the quality of teaching and the effectiveness of students' learning. Please ensure that students' online attendance, discussion and various aspects data are records for reference.
4.  The instructor is kindly requested to remind students that the distance learning period is not a holiday. Students should not go abroad or travel privately, and should carefully assess the risks to avoid participating in a party. At the same time, students are requested to honestly record their daily whereabouts for epidemic investigations.
5.  Please contact Office of Information Teaching for distance teaching technical consultation (Dann campus (#3) 1616~1619). Please contact College of Interdisciplinary Studies for distance teaching quality consultation (Main campus 2855).
Distance learning reference: (a) Ministry of Education "Online Teaching Package", (b) Facebook "Taiwan Online Synchronous Teaching Community".